Professional Training in Electrical Power

 Announcing Special Seminar Series'

Problem Solving and Avoidance for:



Facilities Managers

Get the skills and knowledge you need for today's complex systems!


Electrical systems were not designed for the special needs of today's electronic equipment.

These practical, single-day seminars will show you the conditions that lead to problems, and how to keep your electronic equipment and electrical system working together properly.

You will learn:
What conditions cause equipment problems and failure
How to find these conditions using simple equipment
How to 'build in' power systems reliability
We will provide:
A dynamic presentation your people will understand
Copies of all presentation materials and notes for later use
Handouts and forms to use in your own facility
Access to Emergency Assistance via telephone, fax, and electronic mail


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You are the best!"

"I've been an electrical engineer for over 15 years, . . . and this is the first time I really understood it!"

" Excellent! This was one of the most fruitful and educational workshops that I've had the privilege to attend"

"Mr. George Kamburoff was one of the most captivating speakers I've ever witnessed."

"Course should have been longer."

 "Couldn't be better."

"Excellent seminar! So was the instructor."

"The big factor for me was the practical, down to earth level which he presented the info."

"The guy was great! Bring him back."

" This guy has answered the right calling. Excellent at what he's doing,"


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